Popular Genius discovers opportunities where people, pop culture and brand potential intersect.

Need Innovation?
Businesses that collaborate innovate. 

Need Ideation?
Rethink how you link to creativity. 

Need Solutions?
Solves are being shared across sectors.

Need Change?
Mutual success links us together.

Need Growth?
Opportunity knocks in our always-on global culture.

  • What is it?north-south-east-west-small

    The Connection Compass™ is a proprietary, multi-source research model that centers on the common quest for solutions as a centerpiece for insights generation.

    Data and observations from people, pop culture and brand shape three dimensions of connected thinking to drive innovation.

    Unlock insights by exploring:

    • Why They Solve?  Society, Self, Simplicity or Situational.
    • When They Solve?  A Season, Reason or a Lifetime.
    • How They Solve?  Issues, Interests, Innovation, Inspiration.

    This method allows you pinpoint intersecting interests to achieve business success, relevance and authenticity.

  • What is it?populargenius-bulbnumbers

    Like Uniques™ is a new way to define aspirational audience segments.  We overlay multiple resource inputs to frame why people have shared interests with your brands to discover unique angles for interconnection.

    We all use some form of traditional audience segmentation.  You know what audiences are brand loyal vs. those that are not.  But do you know the universe of potential audiences of value to your business based on their interests as people, their powerful thinking, their passions?

    Discover Like Uniques™ that intersect with:

    • Entrepreneurial energy
    • Existing advocacy
    • Fandom
    • Localized invention
    • Global reinvention

    Learning from and linking to our connected culture will allow you to connect more dots:  organically, transparently, exponentially.   

  • What is it?

    What is your most pressing business need?  Based on your aspiration, Genius Mining™ finds relevant inspiration.

    Genius Mining™ pinpoints the richest collaborative innovation areas to speed your success.

    • Relevance:  What relates and creates opportunities?
    • Language:  What are related words and wisdom?
    • Momentum:  Who is a related change agent?

    We reverse-engineer the insights gathering process to start with the passions of people. Discover what already has cultural momentum — and why — to help your business can make unexpected connections.


  • What is it?populargenius-brain

    The Popular Genius Inspire Center™ offers custom facilitated innovation sessions to link people, passions and outcomes.  We inspire groups of all shapes and sizes.   The result?  One moment in time evolves into movements led by like minds.

    We specialize in sparking positive motivation. It’s about connecting people, discovering common passions (personal, professional, societal) and unlocking innovation.  The focus is on what inspires us inside — to connect us more meaningfully outside.

    • Inspire Discovery.  What links your internal culture with popular culture?
    • Inspire Integration.  Who shares your goals?  Are there untapped allies and advocates?
    • Inspire Outcomes.  How can you achieve more by collaborating strategically?